More interview tips

1. Personal Weakness:


  • I tend to very impatient but I have learnt to respect other people’s time frame
  • I used to have a problem with time management but I took a course that has brought me back on track
  • I used to get overwhelmed in stressful situations but I have learnt to communicate more effectively

2.) Professional Weakness

e.g. :

  • I had difficulties with the new computer system, but I took it a step at a time and it worked
  • I might get more quiet under deadlines

Please note: Self-awareness is the first step to self-growth. If weaknesses are mentioned with a solution they tend to be accepted favorably

6.) Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years time?

This is a loaded question as Company might want to establish how long they might retain you services, what level of ambition you have and whether your path and their vision concur.

We all have dreams and aspirations, dream to run our own business, become MD of a company or strike rich.

Having a dream is important – Having a plan of action is real.

The present is in our hands and the future is not. The only honest way of answering the above question is by establishing that you are prepared to give your all and hope that as Company grows so will you.

7.) Research company’s Website and be aware of their place in their particular Industry. This is very important! It shows you are organized and well prepared.

8.) Concluding the interview
Read your interviewer’s body language and behave accordingly. A parting question before you leave could be:
“When do you expect to reach a decision on this position?”

9.) The job is about you too!
You too will want to establish whether the position on offer suits your needs and skills. An important question to ask you interviewer is:
“For someone to succeed in this position what are the non-negotiable skills and aptitudes necessary in your estimation?”

This shows you care to succeed, you are focused and success means a lot to you. This will also prompt your interviewer to articulate what is upper-most on his mind as priorities and job outcomes.

The last word
Real success is not spelt out by the title you hold or the income you earn. It is defined in living by your values, sharing you knowledge, communicating your feelings and needs and realizing the value of the team and your share in making it work for you.

  • “Kingfisher Shipping is not just a service provider, rather it is a Partnership in terms of focusing on our needs. The honesty, in caring for both applicant and client is tangible and the result are always a win-win placement.”

    -- James Wilmott, Director – Toll Global Forwarding (Pty) Ltd
  • “Kingfisher is the right address for above average staff. Jacqui can also pinpoint our exact needs. She is friendly, easy going and the service is fantastic.”
    -- Cecil Rhoda, HR Manager – Steeldale ARC
  • “This is to certify that our firm, MGI Bass Gordon, have utilized the services of Kingfisher Recruitment on many occasions. We have always found the company and its staff to be efficient and courteous with all dealings we have had with them.”

    -- Barry Pogrund, Partner - MGI Bass Gordon Chartered Accountants (SA)
  • “Kingfisher Recruitment has assisted our company in recruiting a number of employees over the past two years. We enjoy working with them as their service is efficient, thorough and pleasant. They are able to interpret our varied job requirements and find high calibre applicants to suit our needs.” 

    -- Pat Whelan, Products Director - Competitive Capabilities International (PTY) Ltd
  • "SACD has had a successful relationship with Kingfisher for nearly ten years.  Nicole has made sure that she understands our business and the quality of staff that SACD employs and has placed many of our current staff from the top to the lower levels. "

    -- Stuart Coetzee, EX- Financial Director – South African Container Depot (Pty) Ltd
  • “Jacqui’s polite and friendly manner, regular courtesy calls and the fact that she always goes the extra mile to find a well suited candidate make it a pleasure dealing with Kingfisher Recruitment.”

    -- Joanne Penfold, Partner – MKD Chartered Accountants (SA)