Body language during a job interview

on Tuesday, 25 November 2014.


Mind your body language during your job interview.

Body language says a lot more than your realise. When you are being interviewed, be aware of what your body language is saying.

Body language to avoid in the interview

Avoid fidgeting and playing with your hair when asked an uncomfortable question.

Avoid crossing your arms across your chest as that makes you seem disconnected.

Avoid rocking on your chair.

Avoid slouching as it will make you seem unconfident and disinterested.

Avoid touching your nose as it can be construed as a sign of dishonesty.

Avoid leaning towards the door as your interviewer may think you want to leave.

Body language tips to remember


Remember to make eye contact with your interviewer and introduce yourself with a strong handshake.

Keep a smile on your dial.

Be aware of your posture – keep yourself upright.

Project yourself in a confident way.

Even if you are nervous, keep your voice calm and regulated.

Remember to keep eye contact during the interview, but don’t stare and make your interviewer uncomfortable.


Following these body language tips will help you present yourself in the best light possible. Ensure that you dress yourself in an appropriate way to make the best impression possible.








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